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Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium Stearate

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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Catalyst

CAS NO : 557-04-0
EC NO : 209-150-3
Molecular Formula : C36H70MgO4
Main Specifications : It is white, fine powder, insoluble in water. When mixed with hot, strong mineral acids, .
Synonyms : Octadecanoic acid magnesium salt; dibasicmagnesiumstearate;Dolomol;magnesiumdistearate;Magnesiumstearatemedicinal;petracmg20nf;stearatedemagnesium;MAGNESIUM OCTADECANOATE;magnesium dioctadecanoate;octadecanoate, magnesium salt (1:1);
Magnesium Stearate
Package: 20kg/woven bag
Uses : widely used as lubricants, slipping agents, heat-stabilizers, mould releasing agents
Molecular Structure:Magnesium Stearate  557-04-0
Product description: English Name : MAGNESIUM STEARATE Molecular Formula: C36H70O4Mg CAS: 557-04-0 Product Description: Soft white light powder, industrial products containing a small amount of oleic acid and 7% magnesium oxide, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, flammable. Density of 1.028g/cm3. Melting point of 88.5 (pure), 132 (Industrial), slightly soluble inwater, soluble in hot ethanol solution in the case of acid decomposition of stearic acid and corresponding salts.Use: For a tablets from film (should be in line with medicinal specifications), and cosmetic ingredients and so on. Also beused as a pvc stabilizer in conjunction with calcium soap and zinc soap.Quality standard Index Industrial-grade indicators Medical indicators MgO content % 6.5____7.5 6.5____7.5 Water % ≤0.50 ≤0.50 Oxide % ≤0.15 ≤0.05 Sulfate % ≤0.6 ≤0.6 Free acid % ≤4.0 ≤4.0 Iron salts % ≤0.01 ≤0.01 Heavy metal % ≤15 ≤15 Perticle Seze % 200 800 Storage: It should be placed with a cool dry and well ventilated shade collection, moistureproof, sunprotection, fireproof, keep distance with acid or alkali corrosive substances.Package: Outer woven bags within the plastic
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