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Potassium iodate

Details for Potassium iodate

Potassium iodate


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Potassium iodate
CAS NO: 7758-05-6
EC NO: 231-831-9
Molecular Formula: KIO3
Molecular Weight: 214.001
InChI: InChI=1/HIO3.K/c2-1(3)4;/h(H,2,3,4);/q;+1/p-1
Product description:
Product name: potassium iodate (214.00) formula: KIO3 relative molecular weight, 
Product details 
1. Properties: colorless monoclinic crystal or white crystalline powder, soluble in water, dilute acid and ethylene diamine, ethanolamine and potassium iodide solution; Slightly soluble in liquid sulphur dioxide and ammonia; Insoluble in alcohol and ammonia. In acidic solution, potassium iodate is a strong oxidant, and hydrogen sulphide, hydroiodic acid, reducing agents such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, reduction of itself, free of iodine; Potassium iodate aqueous solution can be X-ray or alpha particle reduction for iodide; Put solid potassium iodate in red wood on carbon, slightly deflagration, if mixed with flammable objects, in the collision, the explosion. In alkaline medium, potassium iodate, hypochlorous acid, etc can be chlorine gas stronger antioxidant for potassium periodate oxidation. 
2. USES: used in chemical analysis, as a precipitating agent; Agriculture as feed additive; Medicine on the prevention and control of local goitre disease of iodized salt or potion. 
3. The potassium iodate standards (Chinese pharmacopoeia 2010 edition)
Synonyms: Potassium iodate standard solution;Potassium Iddate;
Molecular Structure: Potassium iodate 7758-05-6
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