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Metal Deactivator T551B

Details for Metal Deactivator T551B

Metal Deactivator T551B


Catalyst and Auxiliary

Metal Deactivator T551B
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Product description:

Chemical name: T551B metal deactivator for the T551 extension products, mainly for transformer oil.
Product nature: This product is a light yellow or reddish brown transparent liquid. It is an efficient and high-performance additive for inhibiting the catalytic effect of metal ions on the oxidation of oil, improving the antioxidant capacity of oil and prolonging the service life of oil.
skills requirement:
Appearance: light yellow or orange oily liquid
Kinematic viscosity: 10-14mm2/s
Base value: 210-230MgKOH/g
Flash point: ≥ 130 ℃
Uses: T551B can be widely used in a variety of lubricants, such as transformer oil, turbine oil, gear oil, general machine oil. The amount of the agent is small, the synergistic effect is high, the general dosage is 0.03% -0.05%, and at the same time can reduce the amount of the main oxidant 30% -40%
Packing: Net weight 200kg/barrel; 25kg/barrel

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