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    ISO 9001 : 2000 CERTIFIED


    Till 1985, the Indian industry was feeding itself on European imports of the Electroplating Intermediates. Then, Alcatraz Chemicals came along - and changed this.

    Within a short span of 10 years, it gained trust of the entire Indian Industry, through the quality of its products, and made the European imports redundant.

    Today we are an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company and are following it's stringent quality management systems. After completely substituting the European imports, we still remain the sole and preferred source for the Indian Electroplating Intermediates market.

    Our wide range of Electroplating Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals are now accepted by, and being exported to, South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and in the Far East, Japan and Korea. We have bulk users in South America especially in Argentina and Brazil and established Distributors in Canada, U.S.A and Germany. This has been possible because we, at Alcatraz Chemicals, believe that to achieve excellence, we need to constantly challenge, and thus realize, our potential as innovation is the key to success. Our achievements are a result of this vision of our Chief Executive, Rajendra Singh, shared by all of us.

    Apart from our commitment towards the shared vision, another strength of Alcatraz Chemicals is its R&D department consisting of 2 PhDs in organic chemistry, heading a team of 6 experienced lab chemists, working in a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipments for Synthesis & Quality Control . It keeps an eagle eye on the latest developments, not just matching them process for process, but experimenting and innovating , adding new vistas to our range to satisfy our customers who matter the most to us.

    We are pioneers in the developments and production of several specialty chemicals out of which in some we are probably Number 2 in the World as far as capacity , quality and price structure . In some cases the application of products developed/marketed by us are been freed from patents and in these products we are likely to enjoy a monopoly for the next couple of years.

    The Most recent development, as a result, has been the development of hi-tech Specialty Fine Chemicals, involving complex synthesis of various Pyridine derivatives; making Alcatraz Chemicals the only company in Asia providing this range of Pyridine derivatives.

    Methane Disulfonic Acid and its Salts besides being used as a catalyst for many organic synthesis are indispensable for their application in enhancing the efficiency and preventing anode etching in Chrome baths.

    Apart from the dedicated human potential and a well equipped lab, Alcatraz Chemicals has highly versatile Glass Lined Equipment ranging from 5 KL Capacity to 100 Litres with facility to carry out reactions under high pressure and vacuum, at elevated temperature and under chilled conditions.

    The quality of the products that results from the above, along with highly competitive prices, makes it a good business sense to source these products from Alcatraz Chemicals.

    The company keeps sufficient stocks for prompt shipment to customers world-over, using best shipping lines for quick deliveries . We also undertake manufacture of speciality chemicals under Agreement of Secrecy for individual customer specific requirements. Alcatraz Chemicals is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction by delivering quality products and services worldwide and this has helped us to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of Electroplating Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals.

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