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  • Nelson Laboratories

    An independent test lab specializing in sterilization microbiology, package integrity, surgical face masks, disinfection, preservative effectiveness, membrane filter evaluations,barrier efficiency, etc.


    Nonclinical testing for medical device safety and compliance: physical, chemical, and biological characterization; biocompatibility, microbial and packaging testing; sterilization cycle validation. Manufactures sterilization monitoring products.

  • Nagase

    Nagase has vast experience in the development, production, sale, and import and export of dyestuffs, chemicals, plastics, and biochemical products as well as attendant machinery.

  • Miravant Medical Technologies

    Miravant Medical Technologies is engaged in the research and development of drugs and medical device products for use in photodynamic therapy, a procedure which uses light-activated drugs to achieve selective photochemical destruction of diseased cel

  • MicroTest Laboratories

    MicroTest Laboratories (MTL), Inc. is a full service product testing facility specializing in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

  • Metalworking Chemicals and Equipment

    Formulation additives and microbial detection. Also surplus chemicals.

  • Medical Components

    OEM supplier of disposable medical components for pharmaceutical, hospital, veterinary, cleanroom and medical industry, including: luers, forceps, connectors, fittings, tubing, swabs, clamps, etc.

  • MDS Nordion

    A global leader in radioisotope technology used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. People around the world benefit from the products and services MDS Nordion supplies.

  • Martek Biosciences

    Martek Biosciences Corporation is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of high-value nutritional supplements, drug design tools, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals derived from microalgae.

  • Machery-Nagel

    Production and sales of world wide products for Fina and MicroFiltration, Colorimetry and Photometry, Chromatography and Bioanalysis.

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