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  • Chem Inc.

    Since 1960, Chem Inc. has provided products and services to water treatment companies.


    ALTIVIA is the largest water treatment chemicals and services provider to municipal potable water and wastewater plants in the United States, treating 5 billion gallons of water in over 600 facilities every day.

  • Unicoh Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd

    UNICOH SPECIALTY CHEMICALS has made many technical improvement and done our best for customer satisfaction on the basis of originality to create value for oneself and spirit of challenge to overcome a crisis into an opportunity since it was established.

  • Pool Resources Pty Limited

    Pool Resources is a wholly owned and operated Australian company. We specialize in the importing, manufacture, repacking and distribution of water purification chemicals and accessories for the swimming pool industry and industry at large.


    The Original Hurley Chicago Company was founded by Jason Hurley in 1972. Mr. Hurley became acquainted with drinking water problems through the Du Pont family in 1968, and began developing the Hurley Town & Country Water System the following year. In 1972, he introduced it to the public via direct sa...

  • KML, Inc.

    Our LaOtto, IN facility produces all of KML's water treatment products and is run by our head chemical engineer, Paul Mills. Paul holds a degree in chemical engineering from UW-Madison, and supervises all aspects of product development and fabrication. Under his administration, KML has been register...

  • CS Methyl Sdn Bhd

    CS Methyl (formally known as CS Chemplast) has provided quality assured chemical products and related services for a wide range of industrial applications since 1994. We supply a  wide array of commodity and specialty chemicals, which are sourced internationally or formulated and manufactured...

  • Heceta Water District

    Heceta Water District was organized in 1966 to provide potable water to residents immediately north of Florence.

  • J&M Laboratories, Inc.

    J&M Laboratories, Inc. is a certified female owned small business founded in 1970. Headquartered in Kentucky, J&M is a nationwide corporation dedicated to providing quality specialty chemical programs and services at extremely competitive prices

  • Avista Technologies, Inc.

    Avista Technologies is a specialty chemical company with its sole focus on providing products and services to help customers operate reverse osmosis systems more efficiently and economically.

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