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The only matching quality with German brand is AAK hydraulic valve block, which is praised by Dutch hydraulic customer Mathias

  Post Date: Nov 14,2022
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The only matching quality with German brand is AAK hydraulic valve block, which is praised by Dutch hydraulic customer Mathias
Mathias, a Dutch hydraulic customer, urgently needed to purchase a batch of hydraulic valve blocks matching the German brand from China at the end of last year. He asked more than 10 old hydraulic valve block manufacturers. They all said that the accuracy of this hydraulic valve block was too high for their technology and equipment. Mathias had a hunch that nine times out of ten, the order for this hydraulic valve block would fail, because he knew that most hydraulic valve manufacturers just have CNC machine tools. But his owner attached great importance to this customer and asked him to implement the hydraulic valve block sample within 30 days. Within a week, Mathias consulted nearly 20 hydraulic valve block factories online and offline, almost all of them just have CNC lathes. Only two of them said that they have Japanese high-precision CNC machine tools. They can try to make samples but are not 100% sure. Two weeks later, Mathias tested the hydraulic valve block samples from 2 factories, and there was still a parameter error of 10% - 13%. Mathias suggested the factory re-make samples, and both factories surrendered.

Time has been wasted for 3 weeks. It's only 2 weeks from the deadline required by the owner. Mathias is anxious and has no direction. While chatting with old friend Andy, Mathias revealed his dilemma. Andy is a veteran in the hydraulic valve industry and has cooperated with AAK hydraulic valve for 5 consecutive years. Andy told Mathias that the accuracy of this hydraulic valve block requires not only high-precision machine tools, but also old operators who understand the equipment. Most hydraulic valve block manufacturers are difficult to meet these two requirements at the same time. He suggested Mathias try AAK, who likes to overtime difficulties on high-precision hydraulic valves, and most operators have more than 5 years of experience in operating imported equipment.

The subject of Mathias's first email to AAK hydraulic valve was that I was introduced by Andy. He said that the accuracy of this hydraulic valve block can only be produced in AAK. Opening his hydraulic valve block drawing, AAK engineers have 90% confidence. I replied to him directly that if it goes well, we can send the hydraulic valve block samples before the Chinese New Year holiday. Jan 28th is our last working day before CNY and the last day to send samples. Our team was great to send the samples on Jan 28th.

When we came back from the Spring Festival holiday, we received an email from Mathias. Their technical team tested the accuracy of AAK hydraulic valve blocks. Each parameter met the accuracy required by the drawing, and almost every parameter was 30% higher than that of other hydraulic valve manufacturers. AAK is also the only hydraulic valve block manufacturer that can match the German brand among all the hydraulic valve manufacturers he contacted. He can finally make a report to his owner. Next, the order confirmation process of hydraulic valve blocks is very smooth.

Mathias understood why Andy is optimistic that AAK can achieve the accuracy of this hydraulic valve block. AAK introduced Demage five axis machining center as early as 2 years ago. The allowable rotation range is 115 ° (- 5 ° / + 110 °), which can carry out negative angle machining up to 20 ° and high-precision machining, which can not be achieved by many imported machine tools. At the same time, the torque can reach 1800Nm, the Y-axis stroke can be increased from 1250 to 1600mm, and the maximum speed of milling spindle can reach 8000r/min, while the maximum of conventional CNC can only reach about 5000r/min. As long as the operator is familiar with the performance of the equipment, the hydraulic valve block similar complicated to that of Mathias is successfully proofed at one time.

AAK hydraulic valve block is praised by Mathias that it is the only one that can match the German brand. Give it a try!

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