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Emulsified Cationic Asphalt(YL-n)

  Post Date: Oct 29,2021
  Expiry Date: Apr 27,2022
  Detailed Description:

Emulsified Cationic Asphalt (YL-n) is processed by multi-surfactants, cation shale control agent and asphalt in specific intenerating scope. Its asphalt grain having positive charge in micron can be easily absorbed to the solid grain having negative charge so as to help the formation and further improve the quality of the clay cake. Its grain and the cation shale control agent can enter into the crack of the well wall, begetting adhesive action and phenomenon in mass, thereby perform the function of seal, jam, joint, expansion prevention, collapse prevention and dehydration.





Black Brown Colloid


Uniform dispersion, no soled floater

Relative Inhibition


Colloid Stability   %           


Electro Kinetic Potential       mv          


Evaporation Remnant Content  %     



Softening Point of Evaporation Remnant


Test Standard: Q/0205SLH005-2011

Packing in iron barrel with excellent sealability and performance of non-dilapidation.


Having strong adhesive ability, it can cause the instance followed when used:
(一) Along with performing the function of collapse prevention, this product can make the mesh jammed. So that the following measure can be adopted:

  1. Adding this product circularly instead of excessively adding in some part.
  2. Adding a little SP-80.
  3. Repeatedly use the abluent mesh.

(二) Every barrel of asphalt must be used up for one time. It had better be added directly to the slurry pot. Or else, it need some water inputted first when gear pump or diving pump is used.
(三)After a long time of storage, this product should be rolled or equably mixed round before reuse.
YL-n(YL-50、YL-80、YL-100、YL-120、YL-140), n—产品软化点Softening Point of Cation Asphalt Emulsifier.

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