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Silicone Resin Emulsion

  Post Date: Aug 13,2020
  Expiry Date: Feb 09,2021
  Detailed Description: Product Name: Silicone Resin Emulsion
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6068
Performance and Use:
SilibaseSR-6068 Silicone Resin Emulsion is a methyl phenyl silicone resin intermediate containing silanol. It has good compatibility and high reactivity. It can be compounded with acrylic acid, polyester and epoxy and participate in cross-linking curing reaction. The introduction of silicone intermediates by means of polymerization modification can significantly improve the weather resistance of organic resins, especially anti-pulverization and crack resistance, and impart excellent gloss and color retention to outdoor industrial paints; modified by polymerization or polymerization. The introduction of silicone intermediates can also significantly improve the heat resistance of organic resins. For example, the introduction of 30% silicone intermediates can increase the continuous heat resistance of organic resins to 300-350℃; the silicone resin intermediates Sold in solid form, can also be applied directly or in combination to heat-resistant, weather-resistant powder coatings;
Main Specifications:
● Exterior: Colorless to pale yellow, transparent, solid
● Volatile matter (150℃, 1h): ≤ 3%
● Softening Point (℃): 35-45
Scope of Application:
● Widely used in the powder coating industry, participating in the cross-linking curing reaction of polyester, epoxy and acrylic, improving the heat resistance and weather resistance of the coating, and the effect on the recoat ability of the coating is smaller than other solid silicone resins;
● Widely used in heat-resistant industrial coatings, generally can be directly added by means of compounding, the addition ratio is the most critical for the impact of temperature resistance, it is generally recommended to introduce ≥ 15% (calculated by effective solid content); The introduction of a polymeric grafting method can further provide a more balanced performance;
● The wide application of weather-resistant silicone coatings, together with the organic resin, to give the coating weather resistance and salt spray resistance, in line with the "HG/T 4755-2014 silicone coating" standard.
Storage: Sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment at 5~25℃. The corresponding shelf life is generally 12 months from the date of production.
Packing Description: packed in 50kg, 25kg plastic liner paper drum

  Company: Jiande City Silibase Silicone New Material Manufacturer Co., Ltd     [ China ]          
  Contact: Kobe
  Tel: +86-0571-64537063
  Fax: +86-0571-64537093
  Email: sales@silibasesilicone.com
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