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Silicone Resin Intermediate

  Post Date: Aug 13,2020
  Expiry Date: Feb 09,2021
  Detailed Description: Product Name: Silicone Resin Intermediate
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6608
Performance and Use:
SilibaseSR-6608 Silicone Resin Intermediate is a nonionic, methylphenyl silicone resin emulsion widely used in heat resistant industrial coatings. Typical properties include:
● Excellent high temperature resistance, varnish up to 350℃, color paint up to 650 ~ 700℃;
● It has very good compatibility with organic resins and can be compounded with organic resins (such as acrylic, polyester, epoxy, etc.) to achieve high decorative properties of organic resins and heat resistance of silicone resins.
● Excellent film forming property and air-drying property, can be used alone/combined as a heat-resistant clear varnish;
● It can be diluted in unlimited water and meets the requirements of environmental protection regulations;
Main Specifications of SilibaseSR-6608 Silicone Resin Intermediate:
● Exterior: Milky white liquid
● Viscosity Brookfield 2# 50rpm, mpas: 100-300
● Solid content (150℃,2h),%: 50±2
Recommended Applications:
● A wide range of industrial heat-resistant applications such as boilers, heat source pipes, electric heaters and burners
● Widely used in ovens, ovens and other heat-resistant cookware equipment
Packaging Specifications: The package form is generally 200kg, 50kg plastic drum
Storage: The storage conditions are recommended to be sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment at 5~36℃, The corresponding shelf life is generally 12 months from the date of production
Construction Reference:
● It is recommended to prepare an aqueous resin-free color paste, which is then used together with a resin emulsion
● When compounding organic resins together, it is necessary to screen the compatibility of the two, especially in varnish applications
● Resin emulsion has good room temperature self-drying, can give the initial protection and handling properties of the workpiece; but if you want to obtain more excellent heat resistance and physical and mechanical properties, it is recommended that 200-280℃ 15-60 min conditions Completely cured, preferably 250℃ for 30 min or 280℃ for 15 min
Recommended Application Formula:
Numbering Component Quality % Remarks
1 Deionized water 8.0
2 Filming aid 1.5
3 Substrate wetting agent 0.3
4 Sodium polyphosphate dispersant aqueous solution, 20% effective fraction 1.2
5 Aqueous dispersant 2.8
6 Aqueous defoamer 0.1
7 Talcum powder 2.4
8 Mica powde 3.2
9 Copper chrome black, iron manganese black 19.2
10 Organic resin silicone emulsion 60
11 Thickener 1.0
12 Leveling agent 0.3
● Low speed shear mixing component 1-6
● Add components 7-9 in sequence, low-speed shear mixing, high-speed grinding (such as line speed 7.0m / s sanding)
● Under low-speed shearing, the silicone resin emulsion is gradually added, and the thickener is added in sequence to adjust to the suitable viscosity; the leveling agent is added as needed;
● It is not recommended to directly grind the colorant with the silicone resin emulsion; if it needs to be mixed with other organic resins, it can be ground with organic resin according to the actual situation, and then mixed into the silicone resin emulsion; it is necessary to be compatible before use. The test is carried out, especially if the pH value is matched. The silicone resin emulsion is generally near neutral, and the pH can be adjusted with 5% potassium hydroxide solution or 5% acetic acid solution as needed
● Recommended drying conditions and typical characteristics
● Dry at room temperature ≥45min, 230℃ 1.0h or 25℃ 30min or 280℃ 15min

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