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Pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride

About Pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride

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Pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride

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Pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride


Chloropentaamminecobalt(III) chloride; Chloropentaamminecobalt(III) dichloride; Chloropentaminecobalt(III) chloride; Cobalt ammine chloride; Cobalt pentamine chloride; Cobalt(2+), pentamminechloro-, dichloride; Cobalt(3+) chloropentammine chloride; Cobalt(3+), pentaammine-, trichloride; NSC 130236; Pentaaminechlorocobalt(III) chloride; Pentaammine chlorocobaltate(2+) dichloride; Pentaamminechlorocobalt dichloride; Pentaamminechlorocobalt(2+) dichloride; Cobalt(2+), pentaamminechloro-, chloride (1:2), (OC-6-22)-; Cobalt(2+), pentaamminechloro-, dichloride (8CI); Cobalt(2+), pentaamminechloro-, dichloride, (OC-6-22)-; Pentaaminechlorocobalt dichloride; cobalt(3+) chloride ammoniate (1:3:5)



EINECS: 237-594-8
Molecular Weight: 250.4448
Molecular Formula: H15Cl3CoN5
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Pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride

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