CAS No: 1344-09-8;106985-35-7;11105-00-3;37299-97-1;12013-79-5, Chemical Name: Sodium silicate
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the physical and chemical property of 1344-09-8;106985-35-7;11105-00-3;37299-97-1;12013-79-5, Sodium silicate is provided by

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1344-09-8;106985-35-7;11105-00-3;37299-97-1;12013-79-5 Sodium silicate

product Name Sodium silicate
Synonyms Silicic acid, sodium salt; Sodium silicate solution; Agrosil LR; Agrosil S; Britesil; Britesil H 20; Britesil H 24; Carsil (silicate); Caswell No. 792; DP 222; Dryseq; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 072603; HK 30 (van); HSDB 5028; L 96 (salt); Metso 99; N 38; Portil A; Pyramid 1; Pyramid 8; Sikalon; Sodium polysilicate; Sodium sesquisilicate; Sodium silicate glass; Sodium siliconate; Sodium water glass; UNII-IJF18F77L3; tetrasodium orthosilicate; disodium 1,3-dioxodisiloxane-1,3-diolate; hexasodium disiloxane-1,1,1,3,3,3-hexolate; sodium, oxygen(-2) anion, silicon, sodium; sodium hydroxy(oxo)silanolate
Molecular Formula Na2SiO3
Molecular Weight 100.0814
InChI InChI=1/2Na.O3Si/c;;1-4(2)3/q2*+1;-2
CAS Registry Number 1344-09-8;106985-35-7;11105-00-3;37299-97-1;12013-79-5
EINECS 215-687-4
Molecular Structure 1344-09-8;106985-35-7;11105-00-3;37299-97-1;12013-79-5 Sodium silicate
Hazard Symbols  Xi:Irritant;
Risk Codes R36/38:;
Safety Description S26:;