CAS No: 339-72-0, Chemical Name: Levcycloserine
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339-72-0 Levcycloserine

Ονομασία του προϊόντος Levcycloserine
Συνώνυμα L-cycloserine; (4S)-4-amino-1,2-oxazolidin-3-one; (4S)-3-oxoisoxazolidin-4-aminium; (S)-(-)-Cycloserine; (S)-Cycloserine; Cyclo-L-serine; L-Cycloserin
Μοριακό βάρος 103.0993
InChI InChI=1/C3H6N2O2/c4-2-1-7-5-3(2)6/h2H,1,4H2,(H,5,6)/p+1/t2-/m0/s1
CAS ΟΧΙ 339-72-0
EINECS 206-427-0
Μοριακή δομή 339-72-0 Levcycloserine
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