CAS No: 123-11-5;50984-52-6, Chemical Name: p-Anisaldehyde
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123-11-5;50984-52-6 p-Anisaldehyde

Nama produk p-Anisaldehyde
Sinonim AnisaldehydeMetoxybenzaldehyd; aubepine; Anisaldehyde; 4-Methoxybenzaldehyde; 4-Methoxybenzylaldehyde; Anisic Aldehyde; p-methoxybenzaldehyde; 4-methoxy-benzaldehyd; Anisal; Benzaldehyde,4-methoxy-; Methyl-p-oxybenzaldehyde; Obepin; p-Formylanisole; p-Methoxybenzafdehyde; PARA Anisaldehyde; PARA Anisic Aldehyde; P-Anisic Aldehyde; FEMA 2670; AUBE'PINE; Anisaldehyde,4-; Anisic Aldehyde-P; LABOTEST-BB LT00920037; 4-Anisaldehyde; Benzaldehyde, methoxy-
Berat Molekul 136.1479
InChI InChI=1/C8H8O2/c1-10-8-4-2-7(6-9)3-5-8/h2-6H,1H3
CAS NO 123-11-5;50984-52-6
EINECS 204-602-6
Struktur Molekul 123-11-5;50984-52-6 p-Anisaldehyde
Kepadatan 1.088g/cm3
Titik lebur -1℃
Titik didih 248°C at 760 mmHg
Indeks bias 1.547
Titik nyala 108.9°C
Simbol bahaya  Xn:Harmful;
Kode Risiko R22:;
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