CAS No: 82372-74-5, Chemical Name: L-4-tert-butyl-Phe
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82372-74-5 L-4-tert-butyl-Phe

Nama produk L-4-tert-butyl-Phe
Sinonim L-4-tetr-Butylphenylalanine; 4-tert-butyl-L-phenylalanine; L-4-tert-butyl-phenylalanine; H-Phe(4-tBu)-OH
MF C13H19NO2
Berat Molekul 221.2955
InChI InChI=1/C13H19NO2/c1-13(2,3)10-6-4-9(5-7-10)8-11(14)12(15)16/h4-7,11H,8,14H2,1-3H3,(H,15,16)/t11-/m0/s1
CAS NO 82372-74-5
Struktur Molekul 82372-74-5 L-4-tert-butyl-Phe
Kepadatan 1.084g/cm3
Titik didih 347.5°C at 760 mmHg
Indeks bias 1.538
Titik nyala 164°C
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