CAS No: 144114-21-6, Chemical Name: Retropepsin
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144114-21-6 Retropepsin

product Name Retropepsin
Synonyms Avianleukosis virus proteinase; Avian myeloblastosis virus proteinase; Bovineleukemia virus proteinase; E.C.; E.C.; Endogenousretroviral proteinase; Equine infectious anemia virus proteinase; FIV protease; FIV proteinase; Feline immunodeficiency virus proteinase; Gag Protease; HIVaspartyl protease; HIV protease; HIV proteinase; HIV-1 aspartyl protease; HIV-1aspartyl proteinase; HIV-1 protease; HIV-1 proteinase; HIV-1 virus aspartylproteinase; HIV-1 virus protease; HIV-2 protease; HIV-2 proteinase; HTLVprotease; HTLV proteinase; HTLV-1 proteinase; HTLV-1 virus proteinase; HTLV-Iprotease; Human foamy virus proteinase; Human immunodeficiency virus protease; Mason-Pfizer monkey virus protease; Moloney murine leukemia virus protease; RSVproteinase; Retroproteinase; Rous sarcoma virus protease; Rous sarcoma virusproteinase; STLV protease; Simian immunodeficiency virus aspartyl proteinase
CAS Registry Number 144114-21-6
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