CAS No: 9002-07-7;2594-14-1, Chemical Name: trypsin
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9002-07-7;2594-14-1 trypsin

product Name trypsin
Synonyms Trypsin from bovine pancreas; trypsin from hog pancreas; trypsin type ix from porcine pancreas; trypsin type xi dpcc treated from*bovine pancreas; trypsin tpck treated from*bovine pancreas; trypsin type xii-S from bovine pancreas; trypsin-edta solution (1X)*cell culture tested; trypsin-edta solution cell*culture tested; trypsin-edta solution for endothelial*cell cultur; trypsin 1X solution cell culture tested; trypsin 10X solution cell*culture tested; trypsin 1:250 from porcine pancreas*cell culture; trypsin from porcine pancreas cell*culture tested; trypsin from human pancreas; trypsin tablets 1 mg with buffer salts; Trypsin, bovine, USP Grade; Trypsin, Bovine Pancreas; Trypsin, Excision Grade, Bovine Pancreas; Trypsin, Iodination Grade, Human Pancreas; Trypsin, DPCC treated, bovine pancreas; Trypsin porcine pancreas; Trypsin, TPCK treated, bovine pancreas; Recombinant Trypsin,from E.coli; Recombinant Human Trypsin,from E.coli; Sequencing recombinant trypsin,from E.coli; Trypsin TPCK,pancreas basic; Trypsin,recombinant from E.coli; Trrpsin,sequence, recombinant; Trypsin TPCK; Trrpsin,sequence,recombinant
Molecular Formula C6H15O12P3
Molecular Weight 372.1
CAS Registry Number 9002-07-7;2594-14-1
EINECS 232-650-8
Melting point 115℃
Hazard Symbols  Xn:Harmful;
Risk Codes R36/37/38:;
Safety Description S22:;