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Accelerator DPTT

  Post Date: Feb 09,2023
  Expiry Date: Aug 08,2023
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :120-54-7 Specs:N.W.25KG/BAG
Chemical name:dipentamethylenethiuram tetrasulfide
Molecular formula:C12H20N2Sn(n=6 or 8)
Molecular weight:384.66/448.77
Initial Melting point≥110ºC
Heating loss≤0.3%
Residue on Sieve(150 μm)≤0.1%
light yellow powder ,Specific gravity 1.5.soluble in carbon disulfide, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride; insoluble in water; odorless and nontoxic, with stable storage.
Rubber accelerator of natural rubber, SBR, nitrile, neoprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene , can also be used as curing agent alone, this product can also be used for latex. Vulcanized rubber can improve the heat resistance and aging properties, especially for light color products
PE film bag lined PP woven bag or laminated kraft bag, Net wt 25kg.
Stored in cool and dry place, avoid fire, insolation and moisture.

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;bis(pentamethylenethiocarbamoyl) tetrasulfide;bis(pentamethylene)thiuram tetrasulfide;bis(piperidinothiocarbonyl) tetrasulfide;dptt;1,1'-(tetrathiodicarbonothioyl)-bis-piperidine;1,1'-(tetrathiodicarbonothioyl)bis-piperidin;accelerator(tra);bis(pentamethylenethiuram)-tetrasulfid;noccelertra;sancelertra;soxinoltra;tetrasulfide,bis(piperidinothiocarbonyl);tetrona;tetronea;thiurammt;thiuramtetrasulfide,bis(piperidinothiocarbonyl);usafb-31;accelerator dptt;dipentamethylenethiram tetrasulfide; ;n,n:n,n-di(pentamethylene)thiuram tetrasulfide;dipentamethylenethiuram tetrasulfide so called for vulcanization accelerator;tra;accelerator tra;dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulfide;dipentamethylene thiuramtetrasulfide;dipentamethyene thiuram tetrasulfide;Accelerant DPTT;tetrasulfane-1,4-diylbis(piperidin-1-ylmethanethione);Rubber Accelerator DPTT;Rubber Accelerator TRA;ACCELERATOR DPTT(TRA);
  Molecular Formula: C12H20N2S6
  Molecular Weight: 384.6906
  Molecular Structure: 120-54-7 Dipentamethylenethiuram tetrasulfide

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