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Calcium Phosphate

  Post Date: Aug 21,2023
  Expiry Date: Aug 20,2024
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :7789-77-7 Quantity: 1Metric Tons
Specs:White powder and granular
Payment Method: T/T or L/C
Product Nature
DCP also known as calcium phosphate 2,Molecular Formula:CaHPO4·2H2O,Molecular weight:172.09,After drying with loose white powdery crystals or granules.
DCP is the feed preparation of raw materials,Animal right to supplement calcium needs. Coarse its products more applicable to the preparation hens, ducks feed, concentrate feed and premix.
Packaging and transport and storage
Knitted bags lined polyethylene plastic bags double packaging,Weighing 25Kg,50Kg or 1000Kg.
Stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
The main quality indicators
1,P % ≥ 18.00
2, Ca % ≥ 23.00
3 ,F % ≤ 0.18
4, As % ≤ 0.003
5 ,Pb % ≤ 0.003

6 ,MOISTURE % ≤ 4.00

7 ,Particle Size(Beneath 60 mesh Sieve)%≥95

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;Calcium hydrogen phosphate Dihydrate precipitate;Calcium phosphate dibasic dihydrate;Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate;dicalcium phosphate dihydrate;Calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate;
  Molecular Formula: H4CaO6P
  Molecular Weight: 171.0805
  Molecular Structure: 7789-77-7 calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
  Hazard Symbols:  Xi:Irritant;
  Risk Codes: R36/37/38:;
  Safety Description: S26:;

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