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Ammonium Chloride

Details for Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium Chloride


Inorganic chemicals

Ammonium Chloride
CAS NO: 12125-02-9
EC NO: 235-186-4
Molecular Formula: NH4Cl
Molecular Weight: 53.4916
InChI: InChI=1/ClH.H3N/h1H;1H3
Packing: Plastic woven bag inner with plastic bag in 25/50kg net.
Product description:

Its principal use is in mining, tannery and fertilizer. It is also extensively employed as a constituent of Dyeing, Electro-bath and Soldering fluxes. Also it is used in Galvanizing, Tinning, Medicine, Candle making, Adhesive, Chromizing and Precision Casting and producing dry and storage batteries and other Ammonium Salt.

Synonyms: Salmiac;Amchlor;ammonium muriate;Darammon;Sal ammoniac;Salammonite;
Molecular Structure: Ammonium Chloride 12125-02-9
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