Xinyi Taisong Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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Xinyi Taisong Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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About us

Xinyi Taisong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional insecticides manufacturer, appointed as a leading national designated insecticides manufacturing enterprise in China. Located in Xinyi Tangdian Chemical Park, Jiangsu province, our plant covers around 25 acres with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.We produce various kind of insecticides technical: 95% Fenitrothion with annual production of 2000mt), 90% Fenthion with annual production of 1000mt, 95% Malathion with annual production of 3000mt), 95% Diazinon with annual production of 2000mt, 97% Azoxystrobin with annual production of 300mt), 95% Pyridaben with annual production of 1000mt. To meet different customers' request, we can supply various formulations like: EC (emulsifiable concentrate), GR (granules), ULV (ultra-low volume) sprays. Besides pesticides technical, we also produce some chemical intermediates and have custom synthesis service. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries spread in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, etc..

Contact us
Web site:
No. 118, Weilu Road, Tangdian Chemical Complex Area, Xinyi, Jiangsu, China
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