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Pigment Violet 19

Pigment Violet 19

Category :

Dyestuffs and Pigments/Pigments

CAS NO : 1047-16-1;39362-27-1;42612-56-6;63440-25-5;65381-35-3;67051-64-3;67053-84-3;790240-46-9;87397-48-6
EC NO : 213-879-2
Molecular Formula : C20H12N2O2
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : C.I. 46500;C.I. Pigment Violet 19;Cinquasia red;QUINACRIDONE RED;QUINACRIDONE VIOLET;CI 73900;Linear quinacridone;CI Pigment Red 122;Cinquasia B-RT 796D;Cinquasia Red B;Cinquasia Red Y;Cinquasia Red Y-RT 759D;Cinquasia Violet;Cinquasia Violet R;Cinquasia Violet R-RT 791D;Dark violet;E 3B Red;Fastogen Super Red BN;Fastogen Super Red YE;HSDB 6136;Hostaperm Red E 3B;Hostaperm Red E 5B;Hostaperm Red Violet ER;Hostaperm Red Violet ER 02;Hostapern Red Violet ER;Linear trans quinacridone;Monastral Red;Monastral Red B;Monastral Red Y;Monastral Violet 4R;Monastral Violet R;Monastrol Red Y;NSC 316165;PV Fast Red E 3B;PV Fast Red E 5B;PV-Fast Red E3B;PV-Fast Red E5B;Paliogen Red BG;Permanent Magenta;Permanent Red E 3B;Permanent Red E 5B;Pigment Pink Quinacridone S;Pigment Quinacridone Red;Pigment Violet #19;Pigment Violet Quinacridone;Quinacridone;Quinacridone Red MC;Quinacridone Violet MC;Red E 3B;Sunfast Red 19;Sunfast Violet;Quino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione, 5,12-dihydro-;Pigment Violet 19;Pigment Violet 19 γ;Pigment Violet 19 β;
Pigment Violet 19
Molecular Structure:Pigment Violet 19 1047-16-1;39362-27-1;42612-56-6;63440-25-5;65381-35-3;67051-64-3;67053-84-3;790240-46-9;87397-48-6
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