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Gelest Inc
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About us

Gelest, Inc. was founded in 1990 to serve the advanced technology applications market through a materials science driven approach to silanes and metal-organics. Gelest, Inc. currently offers over 2000 different materials in gram to commercial quantities. Since the start of Gelest, Inc., the company has continuously added experts in the fields of silanes, silicones and metal-organics. Our technical staff includes individuals with extensive hands-on experience and academic credentials (see Key Personnel below). Our customers and staff have helped increase the product listings from several hundred to the current listings of over 2000 materials.

The company has focused its research efforts toward expanding the offering of Silicon-based, Germanium-based and Tin-based products. Gelest, Inc now offers the most comprehensive selection of silane and silicone materials in the world. The company is currently expanding into a more extensive offering of other metal-organics, particularly metal alkoxides and diketonates.

To help you find a selection of materials of interest, the web site is searchable by product line, or application along with a structure and function search feature. See the Advanced Search function with the ChemDrawę©®lug-in.

Contact us
Web site:
11 East Steel Road, Morrisville, PA 19007-6308
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