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3-Carboxyphenylboronic acid Inquire
CAS NO:25487-66-5;   MF:C7H7BO4
N,N,N',N'-Tetraphenylbenzidine Inquire
CAS NO:15546-43-7;   MF:C36H28N2
1-Bromopyrene Inquire
CAS NO:1714-29-0;   MF:C16H9Br
1,6-Dibromopyrene Inquire
CAS NO:27973-29-1;   MF:C16H8Br2
CAS NO.: 27973-29-1MF: C16H8Br2MW: 360.04MP: 220┬░CAppearance: almo...
1-Hydroxypyrene Inquire
CAS NO:5315-79-7;   MF:C16H10O
CAS NO.: 5315-79-7 MF: C16H10OMW: 218.25MP: 175-180 ┬░CAppearance: ...
(3,5-Diphenylphenyl)boronic acid Inquire
CAS NO:128388-54-5;   MF:C18H15BO2
3,5-Dibromobenzeneboronicacid Inquire
CAS NO:117695-55-3;   MF:C6H5BBr2O2
3,5-Dibromobenzaldehyde Inquire
CAS NO:56990-02-4;   MF:C7H4Br2O
9-Phenyl-9H-carbazol-3-ylboronic acid Inquire
CAS NO:854952-58-2;   MF:C18H14BNO2
4-Bromophenylboronic acid Inquire
CAS NO:5467-74-3;   MF:C6H6BBrO2
9-(4-bromophenyl)-9H-carbazole Inquire
CAS NO:57102-42-8;   MF:C18H12BrN
3-Bromo-9H-carbazole Inquire
CAS NO:1592-95-6;   MF:C12H8BrN
3,6-dibromocarbazole Inquire
CAS NO:6825-20-3;   MF:C12H7Br2N
3-Bromo-N-phenylcarbazole Inquire
CAS NO:1153-85-1;   MF:C18H12BrN
1-Pyrenylboronic acid Inquire
CAS NO:164461-18-1;   MF:C16H11BO2
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