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20 factories had no way to produce leak free hydraulic valve blocks, AAK succeeded in one proofing with Swiss technology

  Post Date: Nov 14,2022
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20 factories had no way to produce leak free hydraulic valve blocks, AAK succeeded in one proofing with Swiss technology
Smith is the head purchasing of a hydraulic company from California. His purchasing of hydraulic valves in recent years has been smooth. In the last hydraulic valve block order, the parameters were normal when the hydraulic valve block approval sample was tested for the first time, but there was oil leakage in the second test on the hydraulic valve block. After rechecking, the oil leaked again in the third test on the hydraulic valve block. Smith communicated with the hydraulic valve block manufacturer for many times but without results. The manufacturer said that this is the traditional sealing process of hydraulic valve block, Smith should either accept it as is or cancel the order. Smith knew that the delivery date confirmed with the customer was due in 1 month, so it was urgent to find a new hydraulic valve block manufacturer to replace the current one.

Smith checked the sealing process of no less than 20 hydraulic valve block manufacturers. They all adopted the traditional sealing method of hexagonal plug combined with and sealing gasket. Smith knew that although this sealing method is simple to operate, it has very high requirements for tightening torque. When the torque parameters are not up to standard, the hydraulic valve block is easy to leak. In order to prevent leakage, some hydraulic valve block manufacturers apply anaerobic glue on the threads. During operation, the particles of anaerobic glue fall into the valve hole, causing oil pollution or valve jamming of the hydraulic valve block.

The delivery date is approaching day by day, but the new qualified hydraulic valve block manufacturer has not been found yet. Smith is worried and asks around. His friend Caleb gave him the contact information of AAK hydraulic valve. Caleb is also our hydraulic valve customer in the United States. He suggested Smith contact AAK, and told him that AAK hydraulic valve exports to European and American markets all year round and has some unique R & D processes. Perhaps AAK will be different in the sealing treatment process of hydraulic valve block.

Smith directly sent us the hydraulic valve block drawing and required that the traditional sealing technology should not be used. A week later, AAK sent the hydraulic valve block sample successfully. Two weeks later, Smith informed AAK by email that the parameters of AAK hydraulic valve block were fully up to standard after 3 tests, and there was still no leakage after the 4th and 5th tests.

Smith is very curious about how the sealing process of AAK hydraulic valve block is different from that of other hydraulic valve manufacturers?

The vast majority of hydraulic valve manufacturers fail to seal the hydraulic valve block in place because they stick to the rules in technology. 6 years ago, AAK was eliminated by the customer due to the leakage of the traditional sealing technology of the hydraulic valve block. After that, we decided to adopt the new technology. AAK has introduced new sealing technology and MB Series plugs of KVT company in Switzerland as early as 5 years ago. It mainly forms a solid sealing surface in between the metal parts in the way of expansion, extrusion and bite, so as to 100% avoid oil leakage of the hydraulic valve block, and fundamentally solve the difficulty of high-pressure sealing of the hydraulic valve block. At the same time, the pollution is small and the stability of the hydraulic valve block is stronger.

AAK Hydraulic valve block has the sealing technology comparable with Swiss technology, is pollution and leakage free, you are welcome to have a small try!

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