Unistar International, Inc.

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Unistar International, Inc.
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About us

Unistar is a group company. Chemical, Metal, and recycled materials are its major business fields.In chemical industry, Unistar is a leader in Bromide products and Sulphnate products. It is the first one in developing and manufacturing MAS and SSS in China. With years research and development, Unistar is in charactor of leading in this field.

Metal is another major business of Unistar. Unistar use recyled cadmium to produce cadmium compund. It is being used in chemical industry widely, and in another hand, it can avoid the cadmium spread in the soil. It will protect the environment and help to keep our life healthy. Unistar's new Sponge Iron project is a high-tech combined. It is the first one using double-reduction technolgy in China. China is the biggest steel and iron producing contry, but since short of pure iron, the high quality and special steel is one of the weakness in this field. After Unistar launch this project, it will encourage the steel producer to make any special kind steel locally.

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Web site:
1020 N. Milwaukee, Suite 207, Deerfield, IL
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