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Details for Formaldehyde



Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

CAS NO: 50-00-0;8013-13-6
EC NO: 200-001-8
Molecular Formula: CH2O
Molecular Weight: 30.03
Specification: Solid Content: Around 50%
InChI: InChI=1/CH2O/c1-2/h1H2
Packing: 180kg/drum, 1000kg/drum
Product description:
【Product Name】Concentrated Formaldehyde-free Fixing agent RH-2013 【Introduction】Concentrated Formaldehyde-free Fixing agent RH-2013 is a high-weight cationic polymer, applied in colour fixture of reactive dyes, and direct dyes for the dyed textiles. It can acquire excellent colour fastness to washing 【Advantage】 (1) Very little liquid solid color fade, can effectively improve on color fastness to staining. (2) Can effectively improved the colour fastness to washing, color fastness to rubbing and colour fastness to perspiration (3) No formaldehyde, friendly to environment, no pollution. (4) Small effect to color shade of dyed fabric, ensure the reproducibility of printing and dyeing processing . 【Basic Character】 Appearance: light yellow to brown liquid Ionic: Cationic PH Value: 6.0-7.0(10% water solution) Dissolution: Dissolve in cold water easily 【Application】 (1)Colour fixture of reactive dyes for dyed textiles (2)Colour fixture of direct dyes for dyed textiles 【Usage amount for reference 】 The product is concentrated and we suggest to be diluted to 4~6 times before usage (1) Dipping Process: RH-NB-2013 Dilution: 2%-4 %(o.w.f) PH Value: 5.0-7.0, Bath Rate: 1:6-12, Room Temperature ~45℃ with 20 minutes, then dehydrating, and last drying. (2) Padding Process: RH-NB-2013 Dilution: 20-40g/L, PH Value: 5.0-7.0, Padding, then drying Note: The product is strongly cationic auxiliaries, avoid using together with anionic auxiliaries. 【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. Half a year of storage period.
Uses: (1)Colour fixture of reactive dyes for dyed textiles (2)Colour fixture of direct dyes for dyed textiles
Synonyms: BFV;fannoform;superlysoform;Veracur;Formalin;formalith;Formic aldehyde;Formol;FYDE;HCHO;HOCH;karsan;lysoform;Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin;Methan 21;Methanal;Methyl aldehyde;Methylene oxide;Morbicid;Oxomethane;Oxomethylene;Oxymethylene;
Molecular Structure: Formaldehyde 50-00-0;8013-13-6
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