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  • Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.(formers Shaoxing Haitian Auxiliary Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1994.Our main products include chemical intermediates, textile dyeing & printing auxiliaries, industrial water treatment auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, papermaking auxiliaries, ...

    http://www.sxhtzj.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/26422/1
  • Jiangsu Jiahua advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd

    Cooperating with friends all over the world for mutual development, Jiahua strives to be a top runner of auxiliary industry. We are working hard to make more and bigger contributions to the development of society!

    www.jiahuachem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/13783/1
  • Zhejiang Jingye Biochemical Co.,Ltd.

    Equipped with leading apparatus, manufacturing methods and complete inspection facilities, we now are a specialized manufacturer of liquid silicone rubber series, Textile printing & dyeing auxiliary series, BDP Flame retardant series and organosilicon Pesticide synergist series.

    http://www.jingyechem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/37472/A4
  • Jinhanjiang Cellulose Co.,Ltd.

    The company's main products includes cotton linter pulp with a brand called “mochou”,and its derivatives named “CMC”. The total output of cotton linter pulp is 30000 tones per annum, and the products are classified into 9 types such as #5, #15, #30, #60, #100, #200,#400,#650 and #1000,etc.

    http://www.chinajhj.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/26191/52

    Fujian Shaowu Haixin Chemical Co., Ltd.- A leading and special manufacturer of Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Ammonium Bifluoride, Ammonium Fluoride, Fluorosilicic Acid, High Active Potassium Fluoride and Perfluorooctanesulfonyl Fluoride, Potassium Perfluorooctanesulfonate, Sodi...

    http://www.haixinfluoride.com/eindex.html   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/15109/60
  • Hebei Liuhe Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Hebei Liuhe Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded on March 27, 2015 in Salt Chemical Industrial Park, Ningjin County, Hebei, China, with registered capital of¥50 million

    http://www.hbliuhechem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/53228/5000
  • Zhejiang Fujing Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

    It provides a wide range of chemical products, including: intermediate for dyes, textile auxiliaries and biological products.

    http://www.fujing.cn   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/32943/5000
  • Shanghai Luer Chemical Trading Co.,Ltd

    As exclusive partner of many international leading suppliers, LUER serves its customers in China mainly in industries such as Polyurethane, Textile Chemicals, Personal Care & Cosmetic Materials, Antifoam Agents, Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Agro Chemical Additives, etc. With well...

    http://www.shluer.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/32591/5000
  • Foshan Shunde Sanben Trading Co., Ltd.

    was founded in October 2002. We mainly offer coating resin, auxiliaries, solvents and related products. Guided by a customer and market oriented strategy, our company has been developping rapidly along with China's economy over the past years.

    http://www.visionchem.cn   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/23739/5000
  • Jiaxing United Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    A specialized manufacturing company of organosilicon products, five collections of products have been formed:1, organosilicon products for textile use(amido modification silicon oil, hydroxyl modification silicon oil, epoxy modification silicon oil, polyether modification silicon oil and various kin...

    http://www.greatchinasilicon.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/15163/5000
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