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  • Suzhou Sunway Dyes & Chemical Co., Ltd.(Yancheng sunway chemicals co.,ltd)

    Is specialized in the manufacture of metal complex dyes, solvent dyes, basic dyes and nano-grade pigment pastes. With stable quality and wide range of varieties, products are widely used for woodware coloring, printing ink, aluminium foil coloring, leather dyeing, plastic coloring, paper dyeing and ...

    http://www.sunwaydyes.com/template/mainen.htm   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/16529/1
  • Zhejiang Jiande Shunfa Auxiliary Chemicals Plant

    Main products include penetrant, emulsifying agent, softening agent, levelling agent, Foam hole regulator, antifoaming agent, antibacterial agent, surface treating agent, coating agents, PU modifier and Water based PU adhesive, etc.,

  • TFL China Limited

    Owing to products and technology, company can provide complete sets of high-grade technical solving schemes from water field, retanning to overcoating for the global leather industry.

  • Highnic Group

    Mainly puts out glue resin, phosphor copper, galvanizing electronic materials, chemical reagents, non-ferrous alloys, batteries, textile auxiliaries, leather and chemical materials, in-depth processing of dyestuff and paints, chemicals for ceramics, tinplate, dissolver, constructional coatings, etc.

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