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  • Shanghai Domen International Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Domen International Co., Ltd. is a professional high technology company. It aims at international market with integration of international trade, produce, research and development. Domen has its own factories with its main products of raw material medicines, intermediate, refined inorganic ...

    http://www.domen.com.cn   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/33131/5000
  • NanYang TianHua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Our main products are Sulfamonomethoxine (Sodium), Probenecid(sodium), bethanechol chloride, almitrine bismesylate, sodium camphorsulphonate,Nicarbazine,Chlorzoxazone,tiopronin,Diminazene diaceturate

    http://www.tianhuapharm.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/21605/5000
  • Guangdong Shenghui Trade Co., Ltd.

    We're mainly committed ourselves in importing, selling and developing chemical commodities. The main products are: divinyl triamine, tetraamine, biformyl, acetylacetone,chloropropy-lene oxide, organic fluorine surfactant, etc...

  • Shenzhen Kaiqi Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

    Shenzhen Kaiqi Chemicals Co., Ltd is a professional fine chemicals enterprise engaged in development, production and sales of plastic auxiliaries, oil refining auxiliaries, adhesives, internal lubricant, external lubricant, epoxidized soybean oil, oil refining auxiliaries, antioxidant, inhib...

    http://www.szkq.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/22712/5000
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