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  • Jiangsu Evergreen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

    Our company is mainly engaged in production of Triphenyl phosphate, diisooctyl phenyl phosphate. diisooctyl phenyl phosphate, non-toxic phosphite ester and high polymer phosphite ester, which are widely used in chemical, medical intermediate, PVC products, medical instrument, food packaging, agricul...

    http://www.cqs-hm.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/32666/1
  • Shanghai Sunwise Chemical Co, Ltd.

    Adhering to a strict way of doing things right, honoring every commitment, and continuing to create value for customers are SunwiseChem抯 fundamental principles. Since the foundation in year 2001, Shanghai Sunwise Chemical Co, Ltd. has been endeavored to understand customers?individual needs, and ...

    http://www.sunwisechem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/52641/5000

    Mining Floation Reagent Depilatory corrosion inhibitor

    http://en.lntchem.com/   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/36317/5000
  • Rongcheng Chemical General Factory Co., Ltd.

    Produce rubber accelerators since 1990 Produce rubber antioxidant since 1995 Produce area of 70000 sq. meters No of Employees : 800 Technical people: 125 Accelerator MBT's throughput: 14000mt/year Accelerator MBTS' throughput: 2400mt/year Accelerator CBS' throughput: 2400mt/year Antioxidant ...

    http://www.rchchem.com   http://www.chemnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/52652/5000
  • Fujian Wantaixing Chemical Development Co., Ltd.

    It deal with research and production of chlorinated rubber, and successfully developed environmentally friendly, anhydrous chlorinated rubber series products.

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