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potassium tetraborate

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potassium tetraborate

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potassium tetraborate


Boric acid, dipotassium salt; Potassium borate; Boric acid (H2B4O7), dipotassium salt; Boron potassium oxide (B4K2O7); Potassium borate (K2B4O7); Dipotassium tetraborate



EINECS: 215-575-5
Molecular Weight: 313.4389
Molecular Formula: B4K2O12
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potassium tetraborate

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Nantong Jinxing Fluorine Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Dipotassium Tetraborate

Address: NO 12 Huanghai Er Road,Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park,Rudong County,Nantong city Jiangsu Other products:

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Changshu Xinhua Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Dipotassium Tetraborate

Address: Fushan town, Changshu, China Other products:

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Zip: 215522
Telephone: +86-512-52321899;52320512
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Web Site: www.csxhchem.commember24065

NEWPORT SHANGHAI LTD   Enquiry for Potassium tetraborate

Address: Room 201-202,NO.3 Building,787# Kangqiao Road,Pudong District Shanghai 201315 P.R China Other products:

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Web Site: www.newport-industries.cnhg/sh50035

Seidler Chemical Co., Inc.   Enquiry for Potassium Tetraborate

Address: 537 Raymond Boulevard Newark, NJ 07105 Other products:

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Telephone: +1-973-4651122
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Web Site: www.seidlerchem.comhg/cus7822

Univar Canada Ltd   Enquiry for Potassium Tetraborate

Address: Other products:
Telephone: (519) 668-3007
Fax: (519) 668-1916
Web Site: www.univarcanada.comsvc/serv04211738

US BORAX   Enquiry for Potassium Tetraborate

Address: 300 FALCON ST WILMINGTON CA 90744 Other products:
Telephone: 310 816-5141
Fax: 310 522-5323
Web Site: WWW.BORAX.COMsvc/serv05112004

General Chemical Performance Products, LLC   Enquiry for POTASSIUM TETRABORATE

Address: Parsippany, NJ 07054-0393 Other products:
Zip: 90 E. Halsey Rd.
Telephone: (973)515-0900
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Web Site: www.genchemcorp.comsvc/serv02812555

Borax Europe Ltd   Enquiry for Potassium Tetraborate

Address: 170 Priestley Rd., Guildford, Surrey, GU2 5RQ, UK, , Other products:
Telephone: (01483) 242000
Fax: (01483) 242001
Web Site: www.borax.comsvc/serv00221695

Brenntag Holding GmbH & Co. KG   Enquiry for Potassium tetra borate

Address: Stinnes-Platz 145472 M黮heim an der Ruhr Germany Other products:
Telephone: +49 (208) 7828-0
Fax: +49 (208) 7828-698
Web Site: www.brenntag.comsvc/serv02124650

Quadrimex Chimie   Enquiry for Potassium Tetraborate

Address: 2, chemin de l'Ile Conge 94 500 Champigny sur Marne - FRANCE Other products:
Telephone: 33 (0)1 45 16 12 00
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Web Site: svc/serv00925281
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