potassium nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:7757-79-1;   MF:KNO3
Castor oil Inquire
CAS NO:8001-79-4;121053-17-6;   MF:C57H104O9
Ammonium chloride Inquire
CAS NO:12125-02-9;   MF:NH4Cl
It is colorless Cubic crystal or powder,salt and cool taste.It canc...
Calcium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:10124-37-5;   MF:Ca(NO3)2
Calcium Nitrate is colorless transparent crystal. It is soluble in ...
Potassium Carbonate Inquire
CAS NO:584-08-7;   MF:K2CO3
Specification: Industrial Grade ( GB/T 1587-2000 ) INSPECTION ITEM ...
Potassium Sulphate Inquire
CAS NO:7778-80-5;   MF:K2SO4
SPECIFICATION:Purity : 98.5%minInsoluble matter in water 0.5%maxChl...
Potassium Bicarbonate Inquire
CAS NO:298-14-6;   MF:KHCO3
Assay(KHCO3) 98.5 %min Moisture 0.5%MINChlorides (KCL) 0.08%max Sul...
Calcium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:10124-37-5;   MF:Ca(NO3)2
It is a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer with characterist...
Magnesium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:10377-60-3;   MF:Mg(NO3)2
RE: MAGNESIUM NITRATE Tech.GAssay: 98%minWater-insolules 0.05%maxIr...
Potassium nitrite Inquire
CAS NO:7758-09-0;   MF:KNO2
RE: POTASSIUM NITRITE Premium gradeSPECIFICATION:Assay 98%minWater ...
Ammonium Sulfate Inquire
CAS NO:7783-20-2;   MF:(NH4)2¡¤SO4
INSPECTION ITEM Agri.G.Ammonium sulfate 95%MinSodium chloride 1.0%M...
Calcium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:13477-34-4;   MF:Ca(NO3)2
RE: CALCIUM NITRATE Tech.GAssay: 99%minPH Value 5-7Water Insolubles...
sodium nitrite Inquire
CAS NO:7632-00-0;   MF:NaNO2
RE: Sodium nitrite Premium gradeAssay 99%minsodium nitrate 0.8%maxC...
Sodium nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:7631-99-4;   MF:NaNO3
colorless cone crystal or rhombus crystal or white fine crystalline...
Ammonium Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:12125-02-9;   MF:NH4Cl
RE:AMMONIUM CHLORIDE Tech.GAmmonium chloride 99.5%minMoisture 0.7%m...
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