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About Us

    Pharmaceuticals division is a worldwide operating marketing team, which is active in APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical formulations and veterinary products. Professional knowledge and veteran experience, together with our reliability and flexibility,have made us an ideal partner for customer synthesis. We are always offering high-qualified products ranging from laboratory, pilot plant to industrial scale, covering sorts of chemical reactions such as F-C acylation, reduction, hydrogenation, cyanidation, Dieckmann cyclization, Michael addition, Grignard, chiral synthesis, etc., and the reacting temperature is from -30 to 250.

    Our principal products include the APIs for vitamins, antibiotics, antipyretics, analgesics, antineoplastics, angiomyocardiacs, diuretics and steroids, as well as many intermediates such as acetophenones, benzaldehydes, benzoic acids, pyridines, benzophenones, thiophenes and their derivatives.

    We also offer many pharmaceutical formulations in sorts of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, injections, powders for injection, oral liquids, ointments and creams, suspensions, aerosols, drops, granules, as well as some slow and controlled release formulations. All these products are registered with the brand "SINING", which has won a high reputation in Asia, Africa and South America.

    For the competitiveness of our products, we will provide an allround service to you, including the DMF registration, technical supports of R&D on the basis of partnership, devoted attitude towards our customers and fully responsibility to regulatory matters.

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  Cynthia Ban
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86-574-87262630 87366775
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21 Jiangxia St.,Ningbo 315000 .Zhejiang. China
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