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Sino-high (china) Co.,Ltd.
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About us

Jiangsu Sino-High (China) Co., Ltd. was established in July, 2008, with register capital of 79.6 million Yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of aromatic ketone products, including special engineering plastic core raw materials, photoinitiator and cosmetics raw materials.Since its establishment, the company attaches importance to technological innovation and product innovation.

Based on the traditional preparation technology of aromatic ketone such as Friedel-crafts reaction, the company innovates or adjusts the key technical nodes such as catalyst and purification technology, forming 8 invention patents, 12 utility model patents and 10 non-patented technologies, which are all about the "atomic economic reaction technology for carbonylation reagents”,“directed catalytic technology for Foukylation reaction”,“purification technology of polymer monomer”,“low temperature hydrolysis technique”,“non-toxic and efficient production technology of cosmetic raw materials”,“automatic production technology of Fourier reaction system”and“application of new environmental protection technology in Foukylated production system”.

The company deeply cultivates aromatic ketone products for more than ten years, forming a series of product development and production system from laboratory to industrial production. Through continuous investment in research and development and technological innovation, the company continues to improve the production process, increase product reserves, and master the core production process of aromatic ketone products. The production line of the company can produce all kinds of aromatic ketone products based on Friedel-crafts reaction. Product varieties and specifications are complete. The company's technology and product innovation have achieved good benefits, and has been effectively transformed into the core competitiveness.

In the future, the company will focus on the development, production and sales of aromatic ketone products. The company will seize the historical opportunity of the global fine chemical industry supply chain transfer to China and the structural adjustment of China's chemical industry, accelerate the development of new products and improve the production process of existing products. At the same time of further expanding and strengthening the international market, the company will strengthen the domestic market expansion, achieve the international and domestic markets go hand in hand, and grow into a leading manufacturer and exporter of specialty chemicals in China.

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Web site:
No. 51 Chongfu Road,Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park,Nanjing City 210047,China
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