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Methyltris(methylethylketoximino)silane Inquire
CAS NO:22984-54-9;   MF:C13H27N3O3Si
3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane Inquire
CAS NO:919-30-2;   MF:C9H23NO3Si
Triethoxyvinylsilane Inquire
CAS NO:78-08-0;   MF:C8H18O3Si
Phenyltrimethoxysilane Inquire
CAS NO:2996-92-1;   MF:C9H14O3Si
tetraisopropyl titanate Inquire
CAS NO:546-68-9;   MF:C12H28O4Ti
1, Appearance,colorless clear liquid, 2, Content, ≥99.0% 3,...
Vinyl Trimethoxy Silane Inquire
CAS NO:2768-02-7 ;   MF:C5H12O3Si
Colorless Transparent Liquid,Color No.≤20Density (ρ)g/cm ,0...
n-Propyltrimethoxysilane Inquire
CAS NO:1067-25-0 ;   MF:C6H16O3Si
It is an important basis raw material for processing sol-gel
Ethyl silicate Inquire
CAS NO:78-10-4 ;   MF:C8H20O4Si
Molecular Formula:C8H20O4Si
Isopropyl Trioleyl Titanate Inquire
CAS NO:136144-62-2;   MF:C57H112O4Ti
1, Appearance,Claret viscous liquid2, Purity, 99% Min.
diisopropoxy-bisethylacetoacetatotitanate Inquire
CAS NO:27858-32-8;   MF:C18H32O8Ti
1, Appearance,shallow red transparent liquid2, Density (25 °C),...
titanium bis(triethanolamine)diisopropoxide Inquire
CAS NO:36673-16-2;   MF:C18H46N2O8Ti
1, Appearance,pale yellow transparent sticky liquid2, Density, 1...
Titanium Acetylacetonate Inquire
CAS NO:17501-79-0;97281-09-9;   MF:C20H28O8Ti
Appearance,shallow red transparent liquid
bis(acetylactonate) ethoxide isopropoxide titanium Inquire
CAS NO:445398-76-5;   MF:C15H26O8Ti
Appearance:wine red transparent liquid
diisobutoxy-bisethylacetoacetatotitanate Inquire
CAS NO:83877-91-2;   MF:C20H36O8Ti
Appearance,shallow red transparent liquid
tetrabutyl titanate Inquire
CAS NO:5593-70-4;   MF:C16H36TiO4
1, Appearance,Colourless to light yellow clear liquid 2, Conten...
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