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Why become our partner?
The booming ChemNet invites websites abroad to be our cooperation partner. The partnership could be in multiple ways with the target of integrate information, utilize them and develop together. The lists below are what we may offer, and you could add yours.

Benefits of website cooperation:
• Advertising banner in our relevant page
• The current chemical news and information from our powerful media staff
• Help to build Chinese section upon your requirement
• Current China chemical issues and policies
• News of your activities will be post on our website
• Being promoted among Chinese chemical enterprise
• Your ideas on chemicals manufacture or safety will be extended in China and Asia.

Benefits of business cooperation:
• Co-attendchemical industry show
• Help to find agency in China
• Help on the research of China chemical industry or market

The Program architecture is flexible. All the items listed will be discussed with the certain partner. If you have any other ideas on the partnership program, welcome to contact us for further discussion.

Disclaimer: ChemNet's Partner Program is not under any circumstances to be construed as or deemed to be a legal arrangement. ChemNet 's Partner Program is not available in jurisdictions where the Program would legally be construed as or deemed to be a legal arrangement, and by applying to participate in the Partners Program the potential partner is (a) representing to ChemNet that authorities in the potential partner's jurisdiction will not construe the Partners Program as or deem it to be a legal arrangement, and (b) agreeing to indemnify ChemNet against any costs or claims arising against ChemNet should the Partner's representation prove to be inaccurate.