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Propionic acid, sodium salt

About Propionic acid, sodium salt

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Propionic acid, sodium salt

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Propionic acid, sodium salt


Sodium propionate; propionic acid sodium type I; propionic acid sodium insect cell*culture tested; Propanoic acid, sodium salt; sodium propanoate; calcium dipropanoate; propanoate



EINECS: 205-290-4
Molecular Weight: 96.0612
Molecular Formula: C3H5O2Na
Melting Point(℃): 285-286℃
Boiling Point(℃): 141.7°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 57.7°C
Water Solubility: 995 g/L (20℃)
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R21;R38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S26;S36/37/39; Details
Propionic acid, sodium salt

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Tengzhou Aolong Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for sodium propionate

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Sinochem Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium Propionate

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Taizhou Nova Medicine Chemistry.Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for propanoate

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Acroyali Holdings Qingdao Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium propionate

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Shanghai Sepal Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium propionate

Address: No.1585,Jiangdong Road,Gaoqiao,Pudong New Area,Shanghai,China Other products:

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Wenzhou Chemical Material Factory   Enquiry for Sodium propionate

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Address: F13/8E Building ,Westport New Terrtories,No.206 Zhenhua Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang ,China Other products:

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Tengzhou Tenglong Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium Propionate

Address: Longzhuang Iudustry Zone,Tengzhou City, Shandong Province Other products:

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Snowhite Chemical Co., LTD.   Enquiry for Sodium propionate

Address: No.9 Baixia Road, Baixia District, Najing City, China Other products:

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AFINE CHEMICALS LIMITED   Enquiry for sodium propionate

Address: 7-601 ,Xigang Xinjie, Xihu Industrial Park, Sandun Town,Hangzhou 310030, China Other products:

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Web Site: www.afinechem.comhg/hz25209
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